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Our Philosophy

At Ey3 we believe in providing a professional, affordable service with utmost importance placed on fulfilling your needs. This means that we work with you to ensure that you make the right, informed decisions for your development.

We believe in doing work in the most effiecient, scalable way for the client, and we value time spent in planning and understanding your requirements before we begin, using a long term approach, - rather than a rushed development, without thought, planning and structure - which so often ends in tears. Our approach builds relationships over years (if you need us for that long), rather than treating you as a rapid sausage factory. Having said that we are great at meeting deadlines and producing rapid work where the scope is already defined!

We get satisfaction by providing our clients with comprehensive service, superior workmanship using leading edge technology, with staff with the expertise and experience to do the best possible job. Most importantly everyone on the Ey3 team loves what they do, so you always get the best solution for your requirements.