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+61 1300 856 393

Luke Elin
Business Development Manager
Bachelor of Information Systems

Luke is the first contact most of our clients have with Ey3. He is the ideas man! The person to speak to about what is possible and how to make it happen.
Luke founded Ey3 in 1996. He has been involved with computers since his early childhood with over 25 years experience, creating his first web site before Netscape 1.0 was even completed and when 1.4Kb dial-up connections were considered fast! The web sites Luke has developed are visited by well over 8 million individuals each week - if high volume sites are your thing, he is the man to speak to. Luke has managed numerous high-profile design, development and maintenance projects, both locally and internationally. With this long established history, Luke enjoys the process of creating web sites that actually make life better for both businesses and their customers.


Contact : email
+61 1300 856 393

Alex Corbiere
Sales & Marketing Development
Bachelor of Marketing


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