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The Environment

Ey3 feels its very important to play its part in helping the environment. Our Technical director (Luke) helped build the popular BBC Climate Change web site currently educating people each week on various topics surrounding climate changes with a focus on educating children. www.bbc.co.uk/climate

But the environment is all about being sustainable, being smart and making the best use of renewal resources,
just like good business really.

Ey3 is nearly completely paperless, we operate from power efficient laptop computers and run solar panels and make sure we are (as much as possible) being sustainable with our use of all resources. All our staff work from their homes (so we have no transport issues to and from work) and we function with online resources to manage all our processes.

We really do practise what we preach and try really hard to be a sustainable company and we can assist your business to do the same, by utilising more efficient online systems (just like we use) to not only be kind to the environment, but also kind to your bottom line!