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The Basics - Developing Business Solutions

All custom software (information system) developments have the same basic components :

  1. Your timeframe - when you need the development to be working for you in your business. We will often work to a date in which testing will begin.
  2. Your budget - this maybe either a fixed bugdet where you go as far as you can in the development to a fixed amount or spreading payments over time as you develop.
  3. Your scope - determining what you want your system to do and what it needs to achieve
    1. Data entry - what data you want to store in your system
    2. Analysis - what information you need to obtain through processing of your data
    3. Reporting - what information you need your system to tell you about what you are doing
    4. Results - what you would like your system to change in your business after you are using it

Depending on your time frame, your budget and your scope you may choose the best way for us to work on your project, keeping you in control. We always choose to develop our projects in a way that your system can be easily expanded on as your business grows. Ey3 can assist you in every step of your software development.

Still got questions - no problems at all our expert sales team know exactly how to help you to best meet your needs, so contact us today!