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Where to From Here and what to expect

So you are considering an Ey3 business solution?
The first thing to do is just let us know. There is no charge or obligation to just have a chat and it is the best and easiest way to determine if this is right for you and your business!

  • Contact us : by phone, email, skype or try our online business needs analyser! Have a chat to our experienced sales people.
  • We will usually have a brief chat with you either on the phone, or in person - at your office, or somewhere near you. Based on that chat, we will provide you with a proposal or a quote.
  • You can then choose to request changes to the proposal, and when you are happy we hope you will accept the proposal.
  • We then send you our initial invoice and our agreement, and a list of things we require to begin the project, on return of these, we start work.
  • You will be contacted by one of our project managers who will be your main point of contact for your development and will know exactly how to develop your new business solution.
  • Our unique development process means that you (or your staff members) are integral to every step of our development process so that your final system is built exactly to the requirements of your business and usually you and your staff don't even require training on the system - as it just flows on from your usual processes.
  • You will end up with a system that you know intimately, that does exactly what you need it to, and which has the ability to expand apon as your business grows.

For some businesses our relationship is quick, and the business functions for many, many years with the initial system we build. For other businesses, we form long term relationships and assist in development on an ongoing basis - it is totally up to you and what you require.

To find out more - contact us today