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Business Services - a listing of some of the business services we offer

Custom Information Systems - Also know as custom software, management information systems, data bases, application development, sometimes even private web sites and a whole lot more is Ey3s speciality. It may be known by many different names, but we are specialists in making these tools so they work just right for you and your organisation. We can assist in every stage of the process from concept and feasability, through development, full project management, and even ROI. Our unique development process means that you stay in control the whole time, and get to see your product in the very early stages and unlike many software suppliers, we are very happy to take on changes and variations as we go - leading to a better system at the end of the development process.

Customising Open Source Software - As we build sytems from scratch, it is no issue for us to customise open source software for business use. Often we find doing this is a lot more cost effective strategy for businesses, rather than purchasing industry specific software, which doesn't quite fit their own business processes. If you have a profitable business and are looking to upgrade your software and find the only off the shelf software in your industry would require you to change your processes, speak to us first before potentially changing the profitability of your business by changing your processes to match the software. We love to change software to match your profitable processes!

Consulting and Technical Advise - Our experienced and qualified team can assist you in putting together your business system strategies, advising of which tools to use for greatest effect and to write system specification documents - outlining scope, budget and timeframes. We have professional project managers who can manage your project from start to finish. If you require consultation on system requirements, we can provide you with honest, reliable information to help your business succeed.

Web Solutions - We provide a full range of services including domain name registration, hosting, logo and web design, content production, web development, simple websites, web upgrades (facelifts), web packages, content management systems (CMS), newsletters, shopping carts, members areas and custom web applications and tools - which means we can build whatever you can imagine.

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