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Our Work with Charities

Ey3 has very successfully worked with a number of small and very large charities both in Australia and internationally. Below is just a small sample of services we have provided to charities.

  • Very effective donation system support during high traffic times
    (including both the boxing day Tsunami and Bushfire appeals)
  • Very secure and easy to use internet donations systems
  • Regular giving systems
  • Fraud prevention and security advice
  • Content Management System development (open-source and commercial)
  • Database and data management
  • Converting old systems into new systems
  • Custom development of information systems to automate processes and save money
  • Custom development of information systems to securely store procedures and documentation
  • Consultation and advise as to how to make the most of your charities' online presence

If you need to accept online donations or to save money by preventing fraud, or improving processes through automation - we can build it!
We can even provide consultation, to work out the best way to build your site or system to meet your scope, budget and timescales.

You can see there are a lot of options and scenarios, so if you are thinking about developing a simple site or integrating a current site into a complex system, and need a bit of expert advise to find the right options for your charity now and in the future, just contact us for a chat - it's FREE!