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The Basics - Developing Web Solutions

All web sites have the same basic components :

  1. Domain Name - this is the url or what people type in the address bar to find you - eg www.ey3.com.
    One website can have multiple domain names if you choose. Start here with Online Domain Name Registration or contact us for some advice.
  2. Website Hosting - this is a bit of space on a computer (server) that is perminantly connected to the interenet and is where the files are stored that make up your web site and where your emails go to.
  3. Website itself - this is made up of several components :
    1. Your logo - business name, design and style and maybe even a tag line
    2. Your web site design - the look & feel and the first impression clients get of your organisation
    3. Your web site content - words and images you use on your site - text or copy
    4. Your web site build - bringing all these components together to make your web site work, you may even build your site in a content management system - CMS - which will allow you to edit your site yourself once built.

Depending on your level of expertise, your time frame, your budget, your scope and the level of professionalism you wish to portray, you may choose to do these things either as DIY, template or custom developments. Ey3 can assist you in every step of your web site development, no matter which you choose and you can even select which level of assistance you would like for each component.

Still got questions - no problems at all our expert sales team know exactly how to help you to best meet your needs, so contact us today!